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Fandom Name/Being More Active?

Not much is going on this network and I feel we should have more… Anyone have any topics to talk about? I mean there has to be something we Addams fans have to discuss. I was also wondering what we should call ourselves. Like as a fandom title or something.. It’s sort of old saying I am in The Addams Family Fandom..or is The Addams Family too cool for that? I don’t know. Anyone have any ideas? 

  1. movie-lair answered: We could call ourselves Addamses, and we also should to discuss our ship names, Morez? i can’t even think of a Wednesday/Lucas or Joel one…
  2. sure-on-this-shining-night said: Maybe we could all start sharing our favorite fanfics and fanarts?
  3. marzipanandminutiae answered: I usually abbreviate it to TAF; hence “TAF fans.” Then again, I usually only talk to one other fan who uses the same acronym, so…
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